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Photographer: Astrid Verhoef

For this series Astrid travelled to secluded landscapes around the world to investigate her connection to nature and the changes in her identity being outside the daily life of modern society. The difference between being connected and truly feeling connected has become an interesting distinction in the digital age. Not only in the depth of connection to each other, but also to natural world we came from, depend on and carry with us, and our own sense of identity. When Astrid places herself in these landscapes, a character arises that wants to connect to her surroundings, but sometimes feels out of place. She can be humble and anonymous, yet have an ambiguous iconic appearance. A character that sometimes does find peace and solace but also struggles with her urban background and humankinds place in the natural world. In times of environmental issues, digital dependency, shifting politics and over population it is adamant that we, as a species and as individuals, remember, evaluate and appreciate our connection to nature.

Inscapes: Text
Inscapes: Pro Gallery
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