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January 13, 2021

Anja Rubik's self portraits for Vogue Italia with one of the most completely misunderstood animal species on earth: Rattus Chordata AKA The humble rat.

Anja Rubik's Rats: News

"My co-stars for this shoot are from a rehabilitation center", Says Anja. "They are now part of an educational program that teaches kids empathy and kindness towards animals . They arrived on set with 3 loving caretakers. In between shots they would stay sitting on my shoulder, sometimes venture down my sleeve on to the camera or keyboard when I was editing."

Physiologically, neurologically and hormonally rats are extremely similar to humans. They excel at learning and understanding concepts. Rats are an important part of our ecosystem. They are used to screen for tuberculosis, trained rats help clearing landmines and they have played a huge part in our biomedical achievements. These incredibly clever creatures, slender in shape, with pointed heads, hairy tails, big furry ears have been an inspiration to the art world for centuries, from Ancient Egypt to Vincent Van Gogh and Banksy.

"These photos represent an unlikely relationship; Vogue - Rats. We have had a very strange year. In Chinese horoscope, the year of the RAT, filled with adversity but also hope for new beginnings. 2020 forced us to adapt and see the need to change the status quo."

Anja Rubik's Rats: Text
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